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Birth of Science For The Gardener

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Science for the Gardener was launched October 2015 to share with fellow enthusiasts my passion for gardening and belief that a little science knowledge can only be of benefit. It has been done with a light-hearted touch which I hope you will find amusing as well as informative. We all love to see a beautiful garden, but just picking a plant because it looks nice is not enough. We need to know what soil that plant needs, where it will be happiest planted and which other plants will grow happily alongside it. A happy plant makes a happy gardener.

I have put together a power point presentation of 55 colourful slides which include some fun cartoons and suggested quizzes for helping with plant naming. For just £9.99 from £14.99 (Teachers Lectures Students Apprentices use CODE DISC 5 this presentation, together with the accompanying helpful 55 notes, gives gardeners a basic insight into how science works in your garden. It is easily fast downloaded to your computer or laptop and is suitable for all ages – youngsters just learning about how things grow as well as those with more gardening experience but just wanting to know a little more – you’re never too old to learn!

Have a look at my Discover More page, you could discover a lot more than you think! Why not treat yourself? It will cheer you up until Spring arrives and give you plenty to think about in planning for the gardening year ahead. And, of course, you can refer to it for years to come.


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