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Hello Folks my Apologies for long delays in updates but with the tragic bereavement of my beloved wife Pam from cancer and shortly after the awful Covid lockdown and so many Covid casualties we’ve ALL had a an unexpectedly very tough 2/3 years

I cant believe as I’m so healthy its also my 80 th this year!!!!

With a mad man in Moscow behaving like Adolf , it really has upset the world economy as well as the world food and energy with drastic cost increases .I still don’t understand what the war is about and its going nowhere at all but well done UKRAINE for so valiantly defending itself when its not a well off country and so glad we can all assist militarily to defend themselves !!!!

I’m now recovering from my first covid bout so I really want to summon what’s left of my post covid energy to plan ahead some editorials on the latest planting and growing food sources such as milk products and any updates on garden natural science eg interaction between birds and plants growing with pollination problems .I would welcome special contributions via my contacts e mail page 0r twitter @Science4gardnrs

On another positive note many gardeners have asked me is to add more editorial on chapters from my Book Science for the Gardener which is now available world wide I’m pleased to say and is becoming more and more popular as its written for the practical gardener to boost his basic understanding .My Horticultural training college Capel Manor N LONDON has recently held a” Success Story “ Celebration” for me as a retired student because of my independent Garden writing and author of a book published and Horticultural work since training at the London college .

Ok I would like to mention Im now engaging a lot more with SOCIAL MEDIA particularly Twitter gardeners so please do come and join in. Its’ often very light-hearted sharing of gardeners gardening experiences with some favorite photos ,people from Garden Orgs and people around the world too. I get tweets from USA people from different states ,Australia and N Zealand and some keen African gardeners attempting to grow food in difficult times of rain shortage and in an unrelenting hot climate.!! We may need to learn from them in our more fortunate climates as climate change is surely on its way!!

My post covid energy levels are dropping back so will close this editorial and search for some good pics which I will be adding more from all my own photo sources from my last Oceania Tour with Pam and visiting many ( UK for the moment) National Trust Gardens large RHS gardens and their Partner Gardens and simply superb private Gardens such as Forde Abbey in Dorset S West ENGLAND UK .

Please feel free to send your comments and interesting gardening contribution s to or TWITTER @Science4gardnrs



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