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June Gardener 2014

June has arrived at last and hopefully time to luxuriate, enjoy and relax in our own gardens and of course to visit some of the spectacular gardens open to us all.

There are many important jobs to do in June but in particular:

Apply liquid feed to flowering plants, particularly ericaceous feed for Rhododendrons/Azaleas – it will make a difference.

Sow annual seeds into the ground. Divide early-flowering perennials such as Primulas and those taking up valuable space. If short of space also lift and store spring bulbs.

Complete container plantings adding water crystals deep into the compost – it really can save the day if regular watering is missed for any reason.

Semi ripe cuttings can be taken now, best in the mornings. Replant with hormone powder as soon as possible.

Check particularly for pests such as slugs and snails after rain, they love feasting on all summer bedding plants particularly Tagetes (Marigolds) and Hostas can be decimated. Check the greenhouse for pests and red spider mite in particular. In hot dry spells keep well aerated and dampened down.

Enjoy and relax in your garden, you deserve it.


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