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May June July Gardener - Climate Change

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

With climate change gardeners AROUND THE WORLD must be prepared for very varying and warmer weather conditions in summertime and extremes of LATE frost in the LATER SPRING.

We may experience torrential downpours as well as a longer scorching days 30.00*+ in the summer months so temporary shelter for our more delicate plants will be required and increased watering even for trees. Last year has brought casualties not evident until this year with many gardeners getting shocks when beloved trees failed to flower and died, myself included LOSING A VALUED PRUNUS KANZAN!

Global Warming

We should not beat ourselves up over #climate change as life must go on ,but should each try our best to follow good environmental advice from professional horticultural research. The UN -GOVT conferences are involving many countries and governments in taking decisive urgent action to reduce green house warming gas emissions from fossil fuels and currently livestock farming methods. International research is required to try to collect carbon and hydrocarbon #emissions at source but this may take much time yet. Governments and populations will have to work closely together for drastic changes in lifestyles in the next ten years to hold temperature rises by cutting parts per million carbon emissions urgently.

Science will win the battle but there are immense challenges ahead for us all.

Plastic Pollution

is more visually dealt with, as we can painfully see it clogging up the world on land and waterways. This will require a world wide government recycling effort reusing rather than burning waste to avoid huge increases in co2 emissions I have seen superb uses of recycling for wonderful sustainable purposes such as garden furniture, building materials popular in planks, granular plastic feed stock for injection moulding.


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