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RHS Courses

Latest Educational Opportunities and Projects 

The RHS is the  well-known and well-respected leading UK organisation recognised by gardeners all over the country and the world – but it is also an organisation that wants to do more to maintain our green and pleasant land by encouraging youngsters to take an interest in horticultural and the different skills it can provide.(See Rocket Science)

See what they write below – might you or someone you know be interested in one of their training courses?  – Ed.

Training opportunities provided by the Royal Horticultural Society

For more than 210 years the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has been the force behind the nation’s gardening.  In a rapidly changing world, they recognise the  need to further develop and invest in education to safeguard horticultural skills for the future.  The RHS  vision is to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.

The Campaign for School Gardening

The RHS  has over 20,000 registered members, representing more than 4.5 million children across the UK.  They  support our schools at national level through the RHS Schools website, online resources and national teacher training programmes.  The work with schools demonstrates that  the direct benefits of gardening for children are wide-ranging and can have a transformational effect on both the children and their environment.  For more information about the RHS Campaign for School Gardening:

Campaign for School Gardening Training Courses

School Gardening Training Courses are offered as full or half day courses at inspiring venues throughout the UK.  Suitable for anyone involved in teaching children and young people to garden.  They provide participants with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to create horticultural learning experiences which will benefit the children, the school and the local community.

School Visits to RHS Gardens

The RHS offers an exciting programme of workshops for schools at each of its four Gardens.  For more information go to the Education and Learning section of the RHS website at


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